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Fruit & Apple Chips Variety Box (6 or 12 packs)

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Dried fruits the alternative way! 100% Natural, crunchy and wholesome.
-No Added Sugar -No Preservatives

Fruit Chips
Dehydrated Greek apples & oranges mixed with pineapple.
-Rich in Vitamin C (78%)
-Source of Calcium (17%)

Apple Chips

Dry apple slices with cinnamon and pure Greek honey.
-Source of Fiber -Low in Sodium


An easy, healthy delight for everyone. Crunchy and wholesome Fruit & Apple Chips any time.
With NO Added Sugar or Preservatives, you can enjoy our Fruit & Apple Chips:
  • In you tea or water, for a fruity flavour
  • In your cake or cookie mix
  • In your homemade sangria
  • In your fresh green salad
  • In your morning bowl

Nutritional Info

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Fruit Chips: Apple (50%), Orange (25%), Pineapple (25%)

Apple Chips: Apple (88,5%), Honey (11%), Cinnamon (x%)

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